Coachella Recap!

I knew it was going to be hot, but it was supergrosssicksweatnasty hot. Brian Posehn, who always plays the big creepy janitor-stalker-weirdo on tv, was really funny, tall, and looks like an albino bear... but not a polar bear. Of Montreal sounded crappy, and their show at the Clubhouse in January was so much better. They didn't have a slew of cool props and costumes, BUT I did see Kevin Barnes walking around like a normal person who just happens to wear marionette-styled rouge circles on his cheeks after Jesus and Mary Chain. Intense. Silversun Pickups were solid, and I'm excited to see them on smaller scale this Friday. I saw Stephen Marley perform "Could You Be Loved," and that was enough reggae for the weekend. Amy Winehouse was seriously impressive, and seriously tipsy. But there's no use telling her to go to rehab, pffft no no no. Peaches wore a black leather leotard and was awesome. I was hoping that Feist would magically end up on stage, since their buds and all, but to no avail. Scarlett Johansson sang with Jesus and Mary Chain, and she totally has cellulite. Fun fact. Jarvis Cocker speaks exactly like Austin Powers. Interpol sounded like Interpol. I didn't go over to the Outdoor Stage to see Sonic Youth due to pathetic exhaustion. Bjork is seriously my favorite human ever; if you ever have the opportunity to see her don't fuck it up.

The Cribs were excitingly minimal and British, and The Fratellis followed suit, minus Britain, plus Scotland. Regina was amazing. She played "Your Honor," which was super exciting and old. Hot Chip were right on the money. MSTRKRFT would've been cooler if there hadn't been barf in the Sahara tent. Peter Bjorn and John came off as major assholes, but it's impossible to dislike "Young Folks," even if, much like me, you can't whistle. Andrew Bird is the musical shit. I caught The Decemberists playing "The Mariner's Revenge Song." I thought Arcade Fire would put on a good show, but I was really impressed, and then I was impressed by being impressed by my impressionable state, impressively enough. Blonde Redhead was awesome. GIRL TALK WILL SO TOTALLY CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOR THE BETTER. LCD Soundsystem was precisely as fun as I had hoped, and dancing surely ensued even though I most definitely wanted to collapse. Cornelius was a sensuous experience, with mouths and paint and swastikas (which made me intensely nervous).

Anathallo were really fun. Bands with more than five people who all switch off instruments make life worth living. Tapes 'n Tapes and Grizzly Bear were perfect in succession. It was too hot to watch all of Explosions in the Sky's set. Junior Boys weren't that exciting. I couldn't believe how completely overflowed Gobi was while Rodrigo y Gabriela played. CSS had sound issues but Lovefoxxx is my new role model; we both own unitards!

Okay, that was Coachella. Except I forgot about the camping (which is cool and annoying when you are near a bunch of Canadians who use the phrase "Holy Saskatchewan!"). Cops had to break up a big group of looney tunes singing in a big circle by shining helicopter lights on them in the wee hours of Sunday morning. Some rasta guy near me wrote a song. These were the lyrics: "Fuck you, Fuck you, Fuck you police. Fuck you, Fuck you, Fuck you very much." I can't remember the tune for the life of me, but it was beautiful.



Tokyo Police Club
Of Montreal
Silversun Pickups
Amy Winehouse
Rufus Wainwright
The Jesus and Mary Chain
Jarvis Cocker
Sonic Youth

Pharoahe Monche
The Frames
Regina Spektor!
New Pornographers
Andrew Bird
Girl Talk
Blonde Redhead
LCD Soundsystem

Tapes 'n Tapes
The Kooks
Junior Boys



  • Friday
    • Bjork, Sonic Youth, Peaches, Brazilian Girls, Gogol Bordello
  • Saturday
    • Blonde Redhead, Regina Spektor, CocoRosie, LCD Soundsystem, Girl Talk
  • Sunday
    • CSS, Air, Klaxons, Ratatat, Teddybears
This is me getting all jazzed up about Coachella, which is NEXT WEEK. OMG x 238572385. But seriously, I'm super pumped and attempting to prioritize bands without knowing set times. Go me! I think I'm going to buy a bunch of disposable cameras and use those instead of bringing a digital? I don't know, we'll see. It's going to be amazing and the only thing I'm remotely iffy about is the camping. However, I'll overcome my outdoor-loving deficiency for Bjork. Absolutely. I'm going to need gallons of sunscreen; duly noted.


The Shins at Celebrity Theatre 11 April, 2007

I saw The Shins last week, and, minus the complete randomness of those in attendance, it was totally enjoyable. Actually, being there for the soundcheck was much cooler than the actual show, as I made it my personal Shinsdanceparty... shindig?! Yep. Not to mention that Eric Johnson, of Fruit Bats, performed with them as he is now a Shin, which I had forgotten. Sadly I didn't spot keyboardist/multi-instrumentalist/uber-Shin Martin Crandall's lady, Elyse Sewell, former America's Next Top Model contestant. Oh well. James Mercer was sporting a full beard, which totally made up for it.



I want that sequined blue jumpsuit.


Another Tale of Perverse Passengers

As I walked along University Drive this afternoon, a man in the passenger seat of a silver Mercedes stuck his head out the window and declared to me, "I want to be friends with your ass." Weird times. Dear male population, why do you insist on treating me so awkwardly? Sure, complimenting my ass is flattering, but using Anchor Man material as a pick-up line while inside a moving vehicle isn't really enticing, and definitely not sexy. I'm not terribly offended because I totally understand wanting to befriend a nice ass... oh wait, I mean... a nice person. Right? Right.

Anyways, the new Blonde Redhead finally arrived today! I could not be any more excited. Kazu Makino never ceases to wow me vocally, and the entire atmosphere of 23 is much airier, shedding Makino's thick depression that inspired Misery Is A Butterfly. Her voice is still haunting as ever, but it's freer and more engaging. Not to mention she enunciates, making 23 an approachable collection of breathy songs that feel like dreamy vacations, instead of isolation in an empty room.

Silently is a downright surprise. It sounds like Blondie, minus the brassy, deeper tones of Debbie Harry. By the time I reached Top Ranking, the ninth of ten tracks, I had to pause. "I hope one day we meet again / I hope one day we love one another," Makino sweetly sings over island-inspired drumming and gentle piano.

What am I hearing? This album is... happy?! While it's not giddy, bopping or really danceable, 23 is absolutely a resolution to the dreary, weary beauty of Misery Is A Butterfly. For those who haven't given this tragically gorgeous three-piece a shot, or have shot them down after requiring anti-depressants after a little listening, 23 is your chance to love Blonde Redhead! Take it!


New Bjork

Volta comes out 7 May, also known as three days after my birthday. Also known as I'm dropping post-birthday gift hints.