This year I

- Was vandalized by my neighbors
- Had neighbors kicked out of their house
- Trimmed my hair twice maybe
- Learned Final Cut, sort of
- Went to CMJ for the second year in a row and left with 50ish new best friends
- Returned to The Republic to assist in the production of MetroMix
- Stayed at The Republic as a community features writer
- Ended my sojourn as Music Director and assumed the role of The Blaze's Station
- Realized that thirds are a bad idea
- But tried anyway
- Started working as the college marketing rep for Sony
- Began a memorable and actually fun stint as a broadcast lab assistant
- Crashed my bike and got a major scar on my right knee
- Character building post-crash: riding bike the rest of the way home in 100 degrees
- Sprained my ankle after my foot fell asleep, the most significantly painful
occurrence of 2008, physical, spiritual or otherwise
- Questioned the sanity and humanity of those around me
- Lived up to at least one prediction from a psychic
- Found something pretty good
- Lost some other things
- Bid official adieu to the septum piercing
- Completed 2.5 years of college, ahead of the game, the curve and whatever