Once finals are over...

This is what I'm going to do:

1. Clean my room
2. Re-read The Fountainhead
3. Get back on the "I'm gonna learn Russian" bandwagon
4. Buy my sister a birthday present
5. Spend more time doing yoga
6. Consider cutting my hair
7. Maybe wash my car... but probably not
8. Schedule an optometrist appointment
9. Bake everybody bread
10. Organize my office
11. Enjoy not having classes
12. Celebrate the end of JMC 301: How to kill a journalism student
13. Geek out over my cool classes next semester
14. Prove what a super dork I am by being a little excited about taking statistics
15. Perfect a redition of the Harlem shake
16. Have a Christmas party?
17. Start freelancing for the New Times
18. Wrangle up material for Grrrl Talk next semester
19. Make a list of stuff to shop for post-Christmas
20. Think on what a siren I am at least eighty billion times a day