Here's What I Did Today

I interviewed for internships with the Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media, and totally kicked bottom. I went to geology, happily due to my nice test results from Monday's exam. Sidenote: I have a "B" in geology and that sometimes makes me want to die. Back on track! I saw some former co-workers from the Republic, had a nice chat with them and realized how much I miss them. I went to The Blaze and did some music directorly work. I picked up my check! Then, as I was walking to the bank, I saw a tow truck pass by on University, and I thought to myself, "Hey cool, that car looks like Hansel." Sidenote: Hansel is the name of my car. Back on track! Then I realized that it was in fact my Hansel, with a big, fat, yellow paper on him declaring his state of towage. You see, I had been using a decal that a friend of mine found on the side of the road, and successfully gotten away with parking for a few weeks.

Well, f-word me for trying to stick it to the man. I had to pay no less than $360 to reclaim my ugly baby Hansel and then walk from the Parking and Transit services building, near Fifth Street and College Avenue, all the way to Curry and Miller roads. Yeah. That's far. Good thing I was intensely infuriated and had generous reserves of energy to expend on that trek. Finally, after filling my quota for sexual harrassment, I arrived at the nasty, dusty lot where those godless beasts took my car. And you know what I had to do? I had to wear a hideous, reflective orange vest. I kind of hate you ASU Parking and Transit. What did I ever do to you?!

Then I sold some cds to FYE and applied to work at Zia. Now I have a mountain of homework to attend to because it's that time in the semester where all of my professors decide that excessive assignments will do my body good. Hey fall semester, feel free to end... like now. Which reminds me! I'll be registering for spring classes next Friday and I've got a pretty sweet lineup planned. I'm going to take statistics for social workers, station operations, news editing, media ethics and one of those internships that I interviewed for today. Yowza.

If you feel compelled to give me exorbitant amounts of money, give in to your impulse.


This is a genuine question.

How could someone not be in love with me?

In all honesty, how?