Yep, still cooler than you

I got paid to go see Pinback, you can read about it here!


For the past few days, I've sort of started spouting words in random languages while attempting to speak English. It's pretty awesome. I think I should sleep more and stop thinking in languages that aren't my mother tongue.


My Pinback inteview is up on azcentral! You can read it here!


I bought an outer space dress. And I wore it to dinner at a Greek-Mexican restaurant for my friend's twentieth birthday. Yes, there are such things as Greek-Mexican restaurants. Pinback is Wednesday and I'm probably going to die. I cried when I listened to "Autumn of the Seraphs" the first time through. Okay, I didn't bawl, but I shed a tear or two. You see, I was terrified that it would suck, so I had pent up a lot of energy about the album, and, upon realizing how horrible it wasn't, my emotions ran amok.


This is more fun.



I was on my way home, when a group of guys in a passing vehicle pulled quite the yelp-and-run. Riding my bicycle, not half-naked or acting remotely sexy, I hear a gaggle of male voices holler, "Haaa-ay we want some pussssay." I wish I was lying. No, they weren't listening to that song, in case that's what you were thinking. I half-hoped that at first, but no dice. But, really? You're going to shout, "Haaa-ay we want some pussssay"? What the fuck is that?

I swear, nothing but gents for Becky.